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Kelly Faris
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“Kelly was very helpful for my relocation to Atlanta. I had a short amount of time to find a place for a job relocation and Kelly was very knowledgeable of the area and spent time with me to see what I was looking for. Kelly made the process very easy and enjoyable. I look forward to working with Kelly again in the future and I would recommend her to anyone moving to Atlanta.”

- Jason Sarlouis
“We had what REALTORS® call a "unique" property. It was not in a neighborhood and the nearest comparable properties were many miles further from town. Kelly saw the value in our home, beyond just looking at "comps." She helped us price it right and then did a great job of marketing it to people who would be truly interested in a property such as ours. Throughout the process, she answered all our questions promptly and helpfully. We could not recommend her more highly!”

- David Shannon
“Kelly, thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart for guiding us through this process. Your attention to detail and your work ethic were without a doubt unsurpassed! I always felt my mother was in caring hands, and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me especially navigating these waters from North Carolina. If you are ever in need of glowing recommendation, please don’t hesitate to call me! It has been a pleasure to work with you! You give REALTORS® a great name.”

- Wimberly Jessup
“This is a testimonial to Kelly Faris a truly impressive real estate professional, who is completely responsible for the sale of my condominium in Peachtree City, Georgia on April 30, 2014.  Over the year and a half that I worked with Kelly, she made me feel as if I were her only client. I hope I don’t leave out too much in the telling; but where do I begin? 

It must be from the first time we met, at Prudential on January 24, 2013.  My son-in-law, a real estate and property management associate in Virginia, accompanied me on a 24-hour trip to Peachtree City for two reasons: to sort out some significant issues with my property manager and to investigate selling the property with two real estate firms we had chosen from research online. The condo was rented to a deadbeat tenant and managed by an unscrupulous property management company.  Unknown to me, the owner of the company was a dear friend of the tenant that he “found” for me.  I lived out-of-state. 

After meeting with Kelly and another associate of hers, my son-in-law and I agreed that they were our choice when I was ready to put the condo on the market.  They seemed to know the local market and after touring the property, confirmed the ‘unload’ price we suspected. I procrastinated. 

April 30, 2013 was the last day of my contract with the property management firm. June 1 was the first day of my life with Kelly Faris. However, I had no management company and couldn’t afford to evict the tenant while the unit was on the market. Kelly worked with me. Since that moment, Kelly committed herself to selling my property. Not an easy task, given that it’s poor condition listed it at half that of other comparable in the area. Kelly was motivated.

Kelly coached the tenant to tidy the place for photos, which were incredibly good considering the circumstances.  She negotiated with him to show the property on weekends only. He was quite reluctant and often did not allow her and prospects in. She visited him each month to remind him to send me the rent. That was crucial for me. She brought many prospective buyers; however, by this time the tenant, his wife and young daughter were joined by two large dogs, a cat and a son who were not part of the month-to-month lease agreement. The two-bedroom condo was overflowing and acquired a stench that ensured there was no interest to purchase. The tenant did not allow Kelly to make any appointments to show for October, November and December. Kelly was unflappable in the face of this challenging situation.  I knew I had to help this woman, as she was doing everything in her power to make a sale and I was hiding. I finally came to my senses, raised the rent and effectively evicted the tenant on January 4, 2014.  

By driving by, Kelly kept me posted with texts throughout that weekend as to the tenant’s packing and moving progress. We were unsure as to whether they would really leave. On Sunday night at 9:00 p.m., Kelly did the walkthrough with the tenant and he surrendered his key to her. She immediately noted that the lockset and deadbolt did not work. She emailed me photos of the empty unit, suggested the locks be changed and took care of that the next day. She informed me of the local expected temperatures and adjusted the thermostat up. She suggested and secured a home inspection for the next day, also. I signed a new contract with her at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty on January 6, 2014.  She had several interested investors throughout January, but the condition of the place and the inspection report kept these savvy people from buying. Kelly remained optimistic.  

On February 3, I arrived in Peachtree City with an experienced handyman. Kelly met us at the condo to review the inspection report together and advise us on prioritizing our time and projects and in choosing materials. That was invaluable. With Kelly’s assistance, I hired half o’ dozen contractors and addressed every issue and many more. In three weeks, the home inspector came back and wrote a new report. I went home. Kelly coordinated and oversaw the cleaning and stretching of the carpets. She requested installation of clear plastic in walkways. Kelly wrote a new description of the property, took photos, set a fair market price and revised all advertising. She made a bound book of all repair invoices and contractors’ notes along with the new inspection report for showings.  The renovated condo and grounds were ready on February 25.  

On March 12, Kelly submitted an offer to me from a pre-approved buyer. The buyer wanted many give-backs and a home warranty. I was so ready to agree to anything. Kelly asked for my patience. After an agonizing weekend of waiting, Kelly negotiated an incredibly fair price, no home warranty and a reduced due diligence period. Kelly rocked it.

The buyer’s mortgage company was proceeding slowly due to minor issues. Kelly connected the buyer with a different mortgage company. A closing date of April 30 was targeted. Then the new lender found a red flag and had to “back off.” That was Monday, March 17.  Kelly went full speed ahead and held an open house on Thursday, March 20. On Friday, Kelly reported that the red flag had been eliminated. The following week a new contract was signed.  On April 1, Kelly texted that she went to the condo to check that the heat was off so that there wouldn’t be much of an electric bill for me. Kelly does it all.

The following truly demonstrates the angel qualities of Kelly Faris. On April 4, the lender was balking at the requirement for flood insurance and wanted proof that the attached units were also flood-insured. Kelly went into action and knocked on doors, spoke to the neighbors and got the lender in touch with me by phone and email so that I could explain and send my documentation of insurance and elevation certificate. Due to Kelly’s efforts, the neighbors cooperated with the loan officer on this issue. Then the squirrels appeared in the attic. Kelly was unruffled.

The squirrels were in my unit’s and my neighbor’s attics. Kelly knocked on the neighbors’ doors again. As she texted: “The buyer wants you to pay and I’m trying to solve it without losing the deal over squirrels. We will get it resolved.” Within days and dozens of texts, Kelly forwarded three estimates to me for squirrel removal and repairs: a difficult task and notable accomplishment as, apparently, it is ‘squirrel season’ in Georgia in April. “Who knew?” she added. Then the neighbor was not responding to pitching in to remove the squirrels. I texted that I would pay all.  Kelly asked for my patience, again.

On April 9 Kelly sent me an addendum to the contract for my signature regarding the squirrel issue.

At 9:30 p.m. that night she sent another addendum for my signature to protect the deal further, due to the squirrel issue.

On April 16 the property appraised.

On April 17, the neighbor told Kelly she didn’t have the funds to remove the squirrels this month. Unperturbed, Kelly spoke to the squirrel-removal contractor and negotiated terms for the neighbor over a three-month period.  The contractor emailed the contract to the neighbor, but had no response. On April 28, Kelly took the squirrel contract with terms to the neighbor for signature and collection of the first month’s payment. The neighbor requested four months terms. Kelly left with the signed contract and a check for one-third of the amount. Kelly is truly amazing.

Kelly arranged for the closing to be in late afternoon of April 30 so that if I were required to fly down for the day, it would be more manageable for me.  

On the day before the scheduled closing date of April 30, Kelly called me constantly to keep me informed as to the progress of the docs prep for my signature. The attorneys were not sure if they could make close-of-business. At 2:30 p.m., Kelly let me know I should find a flight. She insisted that she pick me up and take me back to the Atlanta airport in order to save me time and money in car rental for the day. At 3:30 p.m., I called her to confirm times before I clicked the purchase of a ticket online. When she heard the price of the ticket and the time involved in getting to and from Hartsfield, she told me she’d call me back. At 4:30 p.m., the documents arrived in my email. By 6:30 p.m., they were signed and over nighted back to Georgia as directed by the attorney.

On April 30, Kelly conducted the walkthrough with the buyer and attended the closing, keeping me posted throughout. She called at 4 p.m. with congratulations that it was done, at last.  

Kelly did it. Single-handedly. With grace and poise and humor and smarts.  She is an amazingly talented individual. And, my son-in-law’s 64-year-old family real estate and property management firm here in Northern Virginia, which currently manages a portfolio of properties with a combined worth of $400 million, wants to hire her. Now. Seriously.  

It was an honor to work with this remarkable woman.”

- Ann Marie Morreale
“It is with pleasure that my wife and I write to express our appreciation for the efforts your Broker Associate Kelly Faris put forth as we sold and purchased homes in the Newnan area. We truly were impressed with the professionalism shown in all aspects of her representation in these transactions. Words beginning with the letter T come to mind when we begin to describe Kelly's efforts and outcomes. She always came well prepared, having done her homework in advance and was THOROUGH and detailed with her research of our particular situation. Kelly was THOUGHTFUL and sensitive to our situation and preferences. She demonstrated her TENACIOUS capacity to negotiate on our behalf using her skills and persistence to achieve our goals. Kelly was TIMELY with her constant communications as to the status of the process - always positive and professional. Lastly, Kelly's professional and knowledgeable approach quickly led us to see her as a TRUSTED real estate advisor and representative. Her quick and effective marketing strategies secured three full price contracts within days of our initial listing. This outcome led neighbors to seek her services to sell their home as they now await their pending sale. These neighbors have experienced the same level of professional service. Great employees such as Kelly, lead to timely success for her clients and as a valued asset to your firm. We can't say enough good things about Kelly Faris and we wanted you to know.”

- James M and Sheron G Lyle